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Aug 8 Thu 7:00 pm

Aug 15 Thu 5:00 pm

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Aug 29 Thu 7:00 pm

Sep 7 Sat 12:55 pm

Sep 8 Sun 1:25 pm

Sep 15 Sun 1:00 pm

Sep 22 Sun 1:05 pm

Sep 29 Sun 1:05 pm

Oct 6 Sun 1:00 pm

Oct 13 Sun 1:05 pm

Oct 20 Sun 1:00 pm

East Rutherford
Oct 27 Sun 12:00 pm

New Orleans
Oct 31 Thu 5:20 pm

Nov 10 Sun 1:00 pm

Nov 17 Sun 1:05 pm

Santa Clara
Dec 1 Sun 2:05 pm

Dec 8 Sun 2:25 pm

Dec 15 Sun 2:05 pm

Dec 22 Sun 1:25 pm

Dec 29 Sun 1:25 pm

Los Angeles

The Arizona Cardinals proudly call Glendale, Arizona their home town. The Cardinals play in the Western Division of the NFC, which is a division of the NFL. The Arizona Cardinals actually have a very long history that is extremely rich and interesting. The team was originally founded in 1898. It is hands down one of the oldest and longest running professional sports teams in North America. The Arizona Cardinals were one of the charter teams that helped found the NFL in 1920. The team has had quite a few nicknames over the years. One of the most notable nicknames for the team was Big Red and the Football Cardinals. The Cardinals were once based in St. Louis, Missouri, but made the move to Arizona in 1988. For eighteen long years the team played all of their home games at the Arizona State University’s Sun Devil Stadium. In 2006, the team made the move to University of Phoenix Stadium.

The team has experienced two championship wins since their inception, but these wins occurred when the franchised was based in Chicago. The team experienced in their big wins in 1925 and in 1947. This was nearly twenty years before the first Super Bowl ever took place. Since their last big win in 1947, the team has experienced an extreme drought when it comes to wins. The team has managed to score four division titles and visited Super Bowl XLIII. The training camp takes place in the summer and is located in Flagstaff. The training takes place at Northern Arizona University.

Now is the time to get out to see the Arizona Cardinals take on some of the toughest teams in the NFC West division. The team has been training hard and is roaring to hit the field. Fans will be guaranteed excitement with every play. See some of the most talented athletes in professional football compete for the glory of being the best. Will the Arizona Cardinals be able to pile on the victories this year? Come on out to University of Phoenix Stadium to see for yourself. Rely on Tickget to get you there. Tickget can hook you up with affordable tickets to all of the season’s hottest matchups. View the available schedule information and book your tickets all in the same place. Tickget provides a level of service and convenience that other ticket outlets only dream about. Don your team jersey and get yourself out to the game. Buy a foam finger. Paint your face red. Go ahead and get crazy. Just get off of the couch, book your tickets with Tickget, and get to the stadium to see the bone crushing jaw dropping action that only the NFL can provide.

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