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The Atlanta Hawks hail from Atlanta Georgia and play in the Southeast Division in the Eastern Conference. Phillips Arena is the home court of the Atlanta Hawks. This well known and well loved team has entertained generations of sports fan and will continue to do so in the future. The team was founded in 1946, but were known by a different name. The team moved again to Illinois to become the Tri-City Blackhawks. During this time the team was a part of the National Basketball League. It was not until 1949 when the National Basketball Association and National Basketball League merged to form one league that the team became a part of the NBA.

During 1951, the team moved again to Milwaukee where their name officially became the Hawks. The team made another move in 1955 to St. Louis, Missouri. This is where the team won their one and only NBA Championship title in 1958. The team did not move to their current location in Atlanta until 1968. This professional NBA team has not won a championship title in fifty four years. The team may not have had much of a lucky streak in the last forty or fifty years, but they still have earned a highly respected reputation among other NBA teams. The Atlanta Hawks also have a strong following of loyal fans.

Al Horford and Josh Smith are expected to lead the Atlanta Hawks to an impressive season during the 2013 year. It is time for all Atlanta Hawks fans to count on Tickget to provide them with a complete Hawks lineup so they can be at every game. Tickget also provides outstanding ticketing services that will blow your mind without blowing your wallet. Tickget has a long history of providing NBA fans with all of the information that they need to ensure they never miss a moment of the action.

Phillips Arena is filled with the cheers of hardcore Atlanta Hawks fans at every home game. You could be a part of the crowd cheering at the top of your lungs for your favorite team. So, don the colors of the Hawks and head on out to Phillips Arena. Bring the family along for age appropriate fun everyone can enjoy together. See all of the talented players of the Atlanta Hawks live in person. Don’t miss a single jump shot or three pointer this season thanks to Tickget. This franchise has not won a title in over fifty years. They are due for a big win. 2013 could be the year for the Atlanta Hawks. See for yourself by relying on Tickget to provide you with the ultimate experience. Booking tickets to see your favorite NBA teams has never been so stress free thanks to the professional services of Tickget. The Atlanta Hawks need your support this season. Come on out and cheer until you can’t any more to root on the Hawks. The bleachers are calling your name. Say goodbye to the couch and say hello to Phillips Arena.