A Look Back:  Best Concerts of 2016

A Look Back: Best Concerts of 2016

With the year coming to a close, we can definitely say it’s a been a wild ride in the past 360 days. That applies to all areas of life, including music. This year was full of great concerts, awesome tours, and generally change that has caught people off guard. In terms of live performances, it’s really hard to name the one that was undoubtedly the best, but there is definitely a lot of competition for an event that can take that title.

Because of this, it’s only fair to do a short recap of that year that is soon going to be behind us, and list some of the best concerts of 2016. We will include the most notable performances which have stood out for one reason or another, and talk a little about what made them so special. If you were actively chasing down shows, you are probably going to recognize some of the concerts we are about to mention, and if not, you are going to find out who raised the most noise this past year.

1. Bruce Springsteen, New Jersey at MetLife Stadium

If there is one concert that really defined 2016, it’s the impressive show Bruce Springsteen gave us in New Jersey on August 25th. It’s hard to really pinpoint any one single reason why this show was so good. A lot of things came together to make that concert so electric – Bruce Springsteen’s energy, an amazing crowd, and the overall spontaneous atmosphere that just kept getting more and more intense as the show went on. A lot of his fans anticipated this concert for one simple reason.

New Jersey is Springsteen’s home turf, and you know he’s going to deliver a special kind of performance for that occasion. He broke all records when it comes to the length of the show, only to come back after a few days and push that record even further. That type of audience response is something that goes against that old prejudice that only older generations still listen to Springsteen. On the contrary, the stadium was chock full of young and old standing shoulder to shoulder enjoying the timeless classics of this legendary man.

2. Adele, New York at Madison Square Garden

Adele hit a very special milestone this year. She organized and performed her first successful world tour that just took all of her fan’s expectations and launched them out of the orbit. Even though it’s very ungrateful to try and find the best show out of the entire tour, it’s not hard to understand why her performance in New York City has left the largest impression on the critics. She showed up to a full venue on September 19th and rocked the house like it hasn’t been rocked in long while.

She delivered an impressive vocal experience that is on a completely different level than anything we had the chance to see from here up to that point. Her voice was on point and the songs just came out with such power that it moved even the older generations in the audience. If it ended there, it would still have been one of the best concerts this year, however Adele took even further. The way she handled audience was nothing short of how family greets the family. You felt at home being in that crowd, and that is something you rarely see these days.

3. Blink 182, San Diego at Viejas Arena

Blink 182 is one of those bands that have left a large impact on several generations at the same time. After several delays in recording their seventh album, fans became antsy, anticipating that something big was around the corner. California came out and the band hit the road, opening their 2016 summer tour with the performance in San Diego.

Seeing them back on stage was one thing, but the type of show they’ve put on for their Cali fans is something that will be remembered for a long time to come. The concert kept moving smooth, with classics being played one after another. They didn’t force the new material blatantly, but rather infused the concert with it in a way that wasn’t intrusive. It was definitely one of their better shows in the tour, and one of the most notable ones in the past several years.

4. Kanye West, New York City at Madison Square Garden

To say that this concert was the most controversial in his entire tour would be wishful thinking at best, however if we disregard that recent incident, Kanye rocked the house this year. Especially in New York. He’s definitely the type of guy who knows how to put on a show, and this year’s performances were full of unusual stage designs, great set lists, and Kanye’s standard high energy. The crowd barely had time to catch a breath as Yeezy kept the show going at a pace of his own. It was a spectacle which should mark Kanye’s efforts in 2016, but we all know that is just not going to happen, unfortunately. At the end of the day, fans had a great time and that is all that really matters.

By all means, 2016 was a very interesting year. There was a lot of awesome moments, and some that were anything but, but the year was amazing for music fans. Some of the concerts were just electric, while others included some controversy. We’ve seen some of the unlikely artists come back for a tour, which is always a great thing to see. No matter what genre of music you are a fan of, chance are 2016 was a good year for you. A lot of big names kept busy performing, and we definitely can’t complain about that. By all accounts, we can only hope that the next year will be as good, or even better than 2016. That would be pure awesomeness. Fortunately for us, the indications are in our favor.

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