10 Reasons We’re Already Excited for Super Bowl LI in Houston

10 Reasons We’re Already Excited for Super Bowl LI in Houston

The NFL and its teams may just be entering playoff season, but we’re already looking forward to the Super Bowl. It’s creeping closer each week, and it looks like Super Bowl LI could hold a whole host of surprises, including unexpected teams hitting the field. As teams continue to face off and fight for a spot on football’s biggest field, the host city of the 2017 Super Bowl is prepping as well. Houston is home to the 51st championship game, and like everything in Texas, this year’s Super Bowl is getting bigger and better than ever before.

1. This isn’t Houston’s first time hosting football’s biggest event.

Houston is familiar with Super Bowl fans and teams – 2017 will mark the third time the city’s hosted the championship game in NFL history. In 1974 Houston became the host city for the first time, and scored that honor once again in 2004. This Texas football city clearly knows how throw a championship party, and we can expect an awesome one yet again.

2. A Texas team may find itself with home-team advantage…

Though there are still weeks and games left, it’s starting to look like the Patriots and Cowboys will face off in Super Bowl LI. The New England Patriots aren’t surprising frontrunners, but with a rough preseason (including an injured Tony Romo) and a rookie leading the team, the Dallas Cowboys are certainly an unexpected team. If the Cowboys do make it to the Super Bowl, they might find themselves armed with home state advantage – while Houston isn’t their home stadium, being in Texas could give their confidence and their gameplay a boost.

3. … But there’s still time for a playoffs upset that could change current Super Bowl predictions.

The Patriots and the Cowboys may be topping experts’ Super Bowl predictions right now, but there’s a chance for an upset. The Green Bay Packers, whose season was considered a complete loss just weeks ago, are on a winning streak that’s putting the team on pace for a chance at the Super Bowl. Similarly, the Pittsburgh Steelers could pose a similar threat; after a rough start to the season, the team’s risen up the AFC rankings with four successive wins and is smashing every team in its way.

4. All of the current Super Bowl contenders have made it to this championship game in recent years.

No matter which two teams end up facing off on February 5th, it’s sure to be a good game. All four of the current top teams vying for the Super Bowl have championship experience. At least one of those four has made it to the Super Bowl every single year – meaning these teams are coming to fight, not just sweep their opponent for an easy playoff spot.

5. We might even end up watching a rematch between the Patriots and the Seahawks.

Along with the news of surprising shifts in the AFC and NFC rankings comes a surprising Bowl possibility: two recent Super Bowl contenders could be facing off once again in something of a grudge match. In 2014, the Patriots beat the Seahawks in a dramatic game – and if the Seahawks garner more wins, the two could once again face off for the highest honor in the league.

6. Houston is planning a Texas-sized party – one that’ll last a week.

You know that everything is bigger in Texas, and that’s what Houston is banking on for Super Bowl LI. Forget a party at the stadium only – the entire city is planning events, from local parties to large-scale celebrations across town. Even more exciting is Houston’s plan to host a Super Week leading up to the event. Football fans can enjoy concerts, check out events sponsored by companies like DISH Network and Pepsi, and tour the city for a week of fun that all culminates on Super Bowl Sunday.

7. And that week-long party includes a mobile nightclub for fans of any team.

That’s right, party of Houston’s plans to entertain football fans from around the country is to build a mobile nightclub. However, it won’t be a party bus environment; instead, as part of its Super Week festivities, DIRECTV is building a transportable three-story nightclub in downtown Houston – and Taylor Swift will be the first artist to perform in the venue. 6,500 tickets are already on sale for fans who want to score a spot on the dancefloor Super Bowl weekend.

8. Super Bowl LI won’t cost fans millions to get in on the fun.

Get ready for a whole lot of Super Bowl excitement, especially if you live within Houston’s city limits. The city is celebrating with a new event, Super Bowl LIVE, which brings nine days of concerts into Houston. The best part of Super Bowl LIVE? This entire festival is free, meaning you can watch native Texas acts like ZZ Top and Solange Knowles without paying a dime.

9. Notoriously surprising Lady Gaga is the halftime headliner.

She appeared at the Grammys inside an egg, wore a head-to-toe outfit made of raw meat, and stuns audiences every time she takes the stage. We don’t know what, exactly, Lady Gaga has in store for her second Super Bowl appearance – she sang the national anthem at the 2016 game – but it’s certain to shock and awe in every way possible.

10. The NFL is also hosting a science tech competition in Houston.

Super Bowl Sunday is more than just football. When the big game rolls around, the NFL will be hosting a simultaneous contest for scientists focused on improving athlete safety. As NFL players hit the field, business leaders and healthcare experts will compete in a contest of their own to earn top honors in improving the world of football and keeping pro athletes injury-free.

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