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Orchard Park

The Buffalo Bills are one of the most well known teams in the NFL. The team hails from Buffalo, New York. They play in the East Division of the AFC and have been known to provide some of the most exciting performances on the football field. The Bills have a wide legion of fans that spans across the country. They are the only team in the entire NFL to win four consecutive conference championships in a row. They are also one of the only teams that have played in the Super Bowl four times in a row. Unfortunately, the team was unable to snag any Super Bowl wins.

There have been many talented players that have played for the Buffalo Bills since their inception fifty three years ago. Ralph Wilson has been the team's only owner. The team has been home to players like Jim Kelly, O.J. Simpson, Bruce Smith, Jack Kemp, and Thurman Thomas. The Buffalo Bills have not been to the playoffs since 1999. Ralph Wilson Stadium has been the home arena of the Buffalo Bills ever since they began as a team. Summer training camp for the Buffalo Bills takes place at St. John Fisher College in Pittsford, New York.  Dough Marrone is to be the new head coach of the team. This announcement recently took place in January 2013. Some of the biggest talent in the NFL has played for the Buffalo Bills. Hall of Fame members include Thurman Thomas, Jim Kelly, and Bruce Smith just to name a few.

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