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The Calgary Flames are one of the most followed teams in professional hockey. This extraordinary NHL team hails from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. This team plays in the Northeast Division of the Eastern Conference. Alberta, Canada has one other NHL franchise besides the Calgary Flames named the Edmonton Oilers. There is a fierce rivalry between these two teams. When they face off against one another, the ice begins to heat up!

This team was originally founded during the seventies in Atlanta, Georgia. The team relocated to Calgary in 1980. The team’s home venue for their first three NHL seasons in Calgary took place at Scotia Bank Saddle Dome. The original name of the venue was the Olympic Saddle Dome. During the 1985-1986 NHL seasons, the Flames became the first team from Calgary to compete for a Stanley Cup since 1924. The team won their one and only championship during the 1988-1989 seasons. The team competed again for the Stanley Cup in 2004. They wowed fans with their outstanding performance.

The team may not have a boat load of championship wins or Stanley Cups to brag about, but that does not mean that this team has not experienced an enormous amount of success. The team hosted and successfully won the second Heritage Classic outdoor game. The team has also beaten some of the toughest teams in the entire league. There has never been a better time to see the Calgary Flames perform live in action. Tickget is the only ticket outlet that you should rely on to get you to the game. The team has managed to win five divisional championship titles since their inception. See if the Flames have what it takes to go all the way this season.

At Tickget, NHL fans can easily view the entire game lineup of the Calgary Flames and other popular NHL teams. It is easy to pick and choose which games you are most interested in attending. At Tickget, you can also book tickets to the hottest match ups of the season. Nine people associated with the Calgary Flames have had the honor of being inducted into the NHL Hall of Fame. This one of a kind team does not leave fans disappointed. The Flames give their all each and every time that they take the ice. Watch this red hot team heat up the ice with their extraordinary talents and skills.  The team may have not won their first Stanley Cup until 1989, but the Flames are a team that has heart.

The Flames are ready to prove that they have what it takes to go all the way this season. Your flat screen may provide you with exceptional picture and sound, but it cannot even begin to compare to the electrifying excitement that is felt at each Flames’ game. Join the thousands of other cheering fans in Scotia Bank Saddle Dome this season by counting on the quality services of Tickget. Come see all of the action live for yourself. There is no reason you should be sitting at home when you could be cheering your heart out at the next Calgary Flames game.