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Chicago Blackhawks Tickets


The Chicago Blackhawks are a team that has a rich and interesting history. This professional NHL team plays in the Central Division of the Eastern Conference. This team hails from Chicago, Illinois and has fans from all across the world. The Chicago Blackhawks are among the oldest teams in the NHL. They were originally founded in 1926. In fact, the Chicago Blackhawks are one of the six original teams that founded the NHL. Home games of the team were played in Chicago Stadium for a whopping sixty three years. Generations of fans have flocked to Chicago Stadium to see this one of a kind team perform live. The team has been playing their home games in United Center ever since 1994.

Over the years the Blackhawks have experienced an enormous amount of success. The team won their first Stanley Cup in 1926. Since their inception, the team has managed to win four Stanley Cup championship titles. The team is loaded with talented players this season. Patrick Kane is ready to lead the Blackhawks to victory again this year. The excitement that takes over United Center when the Blackhawks hit the ice is nothing short of electrifying. Every fan in the venue is on their feet cheering the team on at the top of their lungs.

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