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Aug 8 Thu 7:30 pm

Aug 17 Sat 4:00 pm

Aug 23 Fri 7:30 pm

Aug 29 Thu 7:30 pm

Sep 7 Sat 12:55 pm

Sep 8 Sun 1:00 pm

Sep 16 Mon 8:15 pm

East Rutherford
Sep 22 Sun 8:20 pm

Sep 29 Sun 1:00 pm

Oct 7 Mon 5:15 pm

Santa Clara
Oct 13 Sun 1:00 pm

Nov 3 Sun 2:25 pm

Nov 10 Sun 1:00 pm

Nov 14 Thu 8:20 pm

Nov 24 Sun 1:00 pm

Dec 1 Sun 4:25 pm

Dec 8 Sun 1:00 pm

Dec 15 Sun 2:05 pm

Dec 22 Sun 1:00 pm

Dec 29 Sun 1:00 pm


The Cleveland Browns hail from Cleveland, Ohio and play in the North Division of the AFC. Cleveland Browns Stadium has been the home field of the team since 1999. The team began as a charter franchise in 1946. Paul Brown is the inspiration behind the team's name. He was the very first coach of the team. The team entered the NFL during 1950 and immediately experienced a vast amount of success. The team has made an appearance in approximately ten championship games and walked away with seven titles. The team has their headquarters and training grounds based in Berea, Ohio.

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