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Cleveland Cavaliers Tickets


The Cleveland Cavaliers are an NBA team that is also known as the Cavs. The Cavs are a professional basketball team that plays in home games in Quicken Loans Arena. The Cleveland Cavaliers are based out of Cleveland, Ohio. This expansion team began playing in the NBA back in 1970. There have been several big name players with even bigger talents don the Cleveland Cavaliers jersey. Some of these players include Shaq, Walt Fraizer, and Nate Thurmond. Other big stars that were a part of the Cleveland Cavaliers include LeBron James, Mark Price, and Austin Carr.

The Cleveland Cavaliers have developed a large fan base even though it has only experienced a moderate amount of success. The team has three Central Division Championship titles underneath of their belt. This team has made it to the playoffs a total of eighteen times in their history. In 2007, the team won an Eastern Conference Championship title. In the 2010 and 2011 basketball season, the team experienced a devastating losing streak of twenty six straight games. The Cavaliers experienced some rough years, but just when you think they will never be able to bounce back, this team throws you another curve ball. The Cleveland Cavaliers have been working hard during the off season to get in the best shape possible to keep their fans entertained.

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