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Colorado Avalanche Tickets


The Colorado Avalanche is a professional hockey team that is based in Denver, Colorado. The Avalanche plays in the Northwest Division of the Western Conference.  This popular NHL team has legions of fans from across the country. This one of a kind team plays all of their home games in Pepsi Center. The team was originally founded in 1972 as the Quebec Nordiques. The team officially became a part of the NHL during the 1979 NHL-WHA merger. The current manager if the team is Greg Sherman. The current head coach of the Colorado Avalanche is Joe Sacco.

During the 1994-1995 seasons the team officially relocated to Denver. The following season the team pulled off the rare feat of winning the Stanley Cup as a new team in a new city. The Colorado Avalanche has a roster full of talented players that are ready to hit the ice and provide their diehard fans with the excitement they want. Tickget is the only ticket outlet you should be relying on during the 2013 NHL season. At Tickget, fans can easily view the entire game lineup for the Colorado Avalanche and book tickets all in the same place. Tickget makes it easy to become the ultimate Colorado Avalanche fan.

The Colorado Avalanche has a lot to brag about. Not only is the team full of talented players, it also has managed to snag eight divisional titles. The team has managed to win two Stanley Cup titles since making the move to Colorado. The team has experienced a lot of success in the past and great things are expected of them during the 2013 NHL season. Do not miss a moment of the mind blowing action this season. Rely on Tickget to get you to the game. Grab the whole family and head to Pepsi Center after booking with Tickget. The affordable ticket prices for the best seats will shock and amaze you.

Get ready to have your world rocked by the amazing talents of this one of a kind team. The bone crunching and bench gripping action is nothing short of electrifying. The thrilling excitement of joining the thousands of others cheering fans in Pepsi Center is an experience like nothing you have ever had before. The Colorado Avalanche is asking for your support this season. Do not delay in viewing the entire 2013 NHL lineup at Tickget. See the Avalanche play live in action. When this team hits the ice you never know what will happen. The Avalanche has been training hard in order to providing one of their best seasons yet.

Come see for yourself if the Colorado Avalanche has what it takes in order to go all the way this season. Don’t spend another NHL season sitting on the couch watching your flat screen. Get to Tickget and book your tickets so that you can see the bone crushing action for yourself. Tickget is the ticket outlet for NHL fans. You can expect your needs to be catered to at Tickget.