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The Detroit Pistons are a popular professional basketball team that hails from Auburn Hills, Michigan. This team has a fan base that ranges from around the country to around the world. The team was founded in 1941 and was a part of the National Basketball League. They were originally founded in Fort Wayne, Indiana as the Fort Wayne Pistons. Before officially joining the NBA in 1948, the Pistons won a total of two NBL championship titles. The team did not officially make the move to Detroit until 1957.The Detroit Pistons have earned NBA Championship titles in 1989, 1990, and in 2004. All home games of the Detroit Pistons are played in The Palace of Auburn Hills, which is a beautifully designed arena.

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The Detroit Pistons are proud to be one of the oldest franchises in the NBA. There have been many Hall of Famers to play on the team. Some of the big names that became Hall of Famers include Joe Dumars, Isiah Thomas, and Larry Brown. The team is expected to be led to victory by new star Greg Monroe this up and coming season. Get off of the couch and get out to The Palace of Auburn Hills to see the Detroit Pistons live in action. The rush of attending a real live professional basketball is an experience that is hard to beat. Let Tickget help provide you with the perfect NBA experience. Tickget provides excellent customer service and offers competitive pricing. You can view a schedule of all of the NBA games of the year all in one place at Tickget. Tickget can make you the ultimate fan without charging you the ultimate price.

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