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Edmonton Oilers Tickets


The Edmonton Oilers are a professional NHL team that plays in the Northwest Division of the Western Conference.  This team hails from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. This team was originally founded in 1971. The team was one of the twelve original teams that founded the World Hockey Association. The Oilers joined the NHL during the 1979 NHL-WHA merger. The Edmonton Oilers have a rich and long history. Since their inception this team has experienced an enormous amount of success. The team has managed to win five Stanley Cup titles. These wins occurred between the years of 1983-1990. The eighties were a booming time of success for the Edmonton Oilers.

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The Edmonton Oilers have a long and rich history. This team has been the home to many great players over the years, but none of the players were as great as NHL legend Wayne Gretzky. The roster for the 2013 season is full of talented players that are ready to hit the ice and lead their team to victory. Make sure that you are at the next Oilers game to ensure that you do not miss a moment of the action. This extraordinary team is ready to go all the way this season. Let Tickget make sure that you are in the stands cheering on the Oilers. Book your tickets today.

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