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The Houston Texans play in the South Division of the AFC. This expansion team joined the NFL in 2002 when the city of Houston's previous team, the Oilers, relocated to Nashville, Tennessee. The majority team owner is Bob McNair. The Texans have experienced a lot of success since their inception. The team took the AFC Championship title in both 2011and in 2012. The Houston Texans proudly hail from Houston, Texas. All home games of the team are played in Reliant Stadium, which can roughly hold seventy one thousand cheering Houston Texans fans. Your voice could be one of the thousands if you count on Tickget to hook you up with some of the most affordable ticket prices on the web.

The Houston Texans never back down, even when they are coming up against some of the toughest teams in the league. Brice McCain, whom the Texans recently resigned as a free agent, is the CB of the team and is expected to help lead the team to numerous victories this season. There is no reason you should spend another NFL season sitting on home on the couch. Tickget is ready to cater to all of your NFL needs. Fans can easily view lineup information for their favorite teams and book tickets all in the same place. Tickget offers some of the most affordable ticket prices on the web. Season ticket holders of the Houston Texans can enjoy viewing the 2013 matchups whenever they wish. Having this information on hand will allow you to easily plan your next trip to see all of the heart pumping gut wrenching action that the Texans are sure to provide this season.

It is time to say goodbye to the couch, grab your foam finger, and head on out to Reliant Stadium. The Houston Texans have been training hard in order to go all the way this year. There has never been a better time to book tickets with Tickget. Gifted players on the team include the likes of Andre Johnson and Matt Schaub, who vow to give one hundred ten percent in order to make it to the playoffs this season. If you are ready to make some noise cheering on your favorite team this NFL season, you need to count on Tickget. Tickget is there for every astonishing pass, every field goal, and every single rushing yard during the Houston Texans' 2013 season. From the first down on the season until the confetti falls on the victor of the Super Bowl, Tickget is there to provide budget friendly ticket prices and friendly customer service. Rely on Tickget to get you to the next Texans game.

Bring the kids along to share your love for football and to help mold the next generations of Houston Texans fans. Share the thrilling excitement of a real life NFL game with the ones that you love. It is sure to be an experience that will not soon be forgotten. The Houston Texans never leave their fans disappointed.