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Aug 10 Sat 7:00 pm

Kansas City
Aug 17 Sat 7:30 pm

Aug 24 Sat 7:00 pm

Kansas City
Aug 29 Thu 7:00 pm

Green Bay
Sep 8 Sun 1:00 pm

Sep 15 Sun 1:05 pm

Sep 21 Sat 12:55 pm

Kansas City
Sep 22 Sun 12:00 pm

Kansas City
Sep 29 Sun 1:00 pm

Oct 6 Sun 7:20 pm

Kansas City
Oct 13 Sun 12:00 pm

Kansas City
Oct 17 Thu 6:20 pm

Oct 27 Sun 7:20 pm

Kansas City
Nov 3 Sun 12:00 pm

Kansas City
Nov 10 Sun 12:00 pm

Dec 1 Sun 12:00 pm

Kansas City
Dec 15 Sun 12:00 pm

Kansas City
Dec 22 Sun 7:20 pm

Dec 29 Sun 12:00 pm

Kansas City

The Kansas City Chiefs hail from Kansas City, Missouri. This professional NFL team plays in the Western Division of the AFC. Lamar Hunt originally founded the team in 1960 as a charter member of the American Football League. The team's name during this time was the Dallas Texans. During the AFL/NFL merger of 1970, the team became the Kansas City Chiefs Football Incorporated. Forbes has estimated that the Kansas City Chiefs are worth roughly one billion dollars. During the sixties, the team experienced an enormous amount of success. The team managed to snag three championship titles before merging into the NFL. In Super Bowl IV, the team successfully defeated the Minnesota Vikings to become one of the two AFL teams that have ever reigned over a NFL franchise.

The Kansas City Chiefs are one of the most loved and followed teams in the NFL. This team has legions of fans that spread across the nation. There have been numerous talented NFL players that have been a part of the Kansas City Chiefs rich history. The Chiefs have been honing their skills during the off season. Fans can expect nothing but thrilling excitement from the Chiefs as they come up against some of the toughest teams in the NFL. There is no reason why you should still be sitting on the couch. Kiss your flat screen goodbye and say hello to Arrowhead Stadium, where the Chiefs play all of their home games.

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See these gridiron warriors take the field to battle it out against some of the top athletes in North America.  Thousands of cheering fans fill Arrowhead Stadium to show their support for the Kansas City Chiefs. Let your voice be one of many in the crowd. January of 1970 was the last time that the Chiefs made a playoff appearance. Experience the rush of excitement as you watch the Kansas City Chiefs strive to prove that they have what it takes to go all the way this year. Depend on Tickget to provide you with the most affordable tickets on the web. Grab the family and share your love for the Chiefs with the next generation of NFL fans. Get to Tickget today so that you can be at the next Chiefs game. This year could be the best year yet for this one of a kind team.