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Jan 17 Wed 7:00 pm

Oklahoma City
Jan 19 Fri 7:30 pm

Los Angeles
Jan 21 Sun 12:30 pm

Los Angeles
Jan 23 Tue 7:30 pm

Los Angeles
Jan 26 Fri 7:00 pm

Jan 28 Sun 6:00 pm

Jan 31 Wed 7:00 pm

Feb 2 Fri 7:30 pm

Feb 4 Sun 1:00 pm

Oklahoma City
Feb 6 Tue 7:30 pm

Los Angeles
Feb 8 Thu 7:30 pm

Los Angeles
Feb 10 Sat 7:30 pm

Feb 14 Wed 7:00 pm

New Orleans
Feb 15 Thu 8:00 pm

Feb 23 Fri 7:30 pm

Los Angeles
Feb 24 Sat 7:00 pm

Feb 26 Mon 7:30 pm

Mar 1 Thu 7:30 pm

Mar 3 Sat 8:00 pm

San Antonio
Mar 5 Mon 7:30 pm

Los Angeles
Mar 7 Wed 7:30 pm

Los Angeles
Mar 9 Fri 7:00 pm

Mar 11 Sun 6:00 pm

Los Angeles
Mar 13 Tue 7:30 pm

Los Angeles
Mar 14 Wed 7:30 pm

Mar 16 Fri 7:30 pm

Los Angeles
Mar 19 Mon 7:00 pm

Mar 22 Thu 7:00 pm

New Orleans
Mar 24 Sat 7:00 pm

Mar 26 Mon 7:00 pm

Mar 28 Wed 7:30 pm

Los Angeles
Mar 30 Fri 7:30 pm

Los Angeles
Apr 1 Sun 6:30 pm

Los Angeles
Apr 3 Tue 7:00 pm

Salt Lake City
Apr 4 Wed 7:30 pm

Los Angeles
Apr 6 Fri 7:30 pm

Los Angeles
Apr 8 Sun 3:00 pm

Los Angeles
Apr 10 Tue 7:30 pm

Los Angeles
Apr 11 Wed 7:30 pm

Los Angeles

The Los Angeles Lakers play in the Pacific Division of the Western Conference. This professional NBA team hails from Los Angeles, California and has legions of fans from all around the world. Staples Center is the home venue of the Los Angeles Lakers. This is a venue that the team shares with their most hated rival, the Los Angeles Clippers. The other professional sports teams located in Los Angeles also share Staples Center with the Lakers.  The Los Angeles Lakers are hands down one of the most successful and most loved teams in the NBA. The team has won a staggering sixteen championships during their lifetime. The team was originally founded in 1947. The disbandment of the Detroit Gems was the beginning of this team’s legacy. The team was originally from Minnesota and was dubbed the Lakers due to the fact that Minnesota is known as the land of ten thousand lakes.

During their time in Minnesota, the team was led by George Mikan to five championship titles. George Mikan is known as the first nonofficial superstar of the NBA. After George Mikan retired in the 1950s, the team experienced a few abysmal seasons. The team did not officially relocate to Los Angeles until 1961. There have been many famous talented players to play for the Lakers over the years. Many Hall of Fame players and coaches have been a part of this team’s rich history. During the nineteen sixties, the team was led by Hall of Fame players Elgin Baylor and Jerry West to the NBA Finals six times, but was defeated. Four time Most Valuable Player Wilt Chamberlain joined the team and the Lakers began to skyrocket to the top. Other famous players to play for the Lakers include Kareem Abdul Jaabar and James Worthy. Notable players like Shaq and Kobe Bryant have also worn the infamous yellow jersey of the Los Angeles Lakers.  Hall of Fame coach Pat Riley has also been associated with the Los Angeles Lakers. All in all, there have been sixteen Hall of Fame players to grace the Lakers with their skills and talent.

The team was dubbed as Showtime during the eighties due to the fact that they were lead to numerous victories by Magic Johnson. The longest winning streak to occur in NBA history belongs to the Los Angeles Lakers. This streak of good luck occurred in seventies. This is the longest winning streak to be recorded in North American professional sports. Sitting on the couch eating potato chips should not be an option this season; not with Tickget watching your back.  View schedule information and book your tickets at Tickget. It truly is your one stop shop for all NBA fans. Don’t spend this NBA season sitting on the couch. Book your tickets with Tickget, grab the family, and get yourself out to Staples Center. See the mind blowing, edge of your seat gripping, in your face action of the NBA in person. Show your support for the Los Angeles Lakers by cheering them on in the stands this year.