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Feb 21 Thu 7:00 pm

Feb 23 Sat 7:30 pm

Feb 25 Mon 7:30 pm

Feb 27 Wed 7:30 pm

Feb 28 Thu 7:00 pm

Mar 2 Sat 7:30 pm

Mar 4 Mon 7:30 pm

Mar 6 Wed 7:00 pm

Mar 8 Fri 8:00 pm

Mar 10 Sun 3:30 pm

Mar 13 Wed 7:00 pm

Mar 15 Fri 8:00 pm

Mar 17 Sun 1:00 pm

Mar 18 Mon 7:00 pm

Oklahoma City
Mar 20 Wed 7:30 pm

San Antonio
Mar 22 Fri 7:30 pm

Mar 23 Sat 7:00 pm

Mar 26 Tue 7:30 pm

Mar 28 Thu 7:30 pm

Mar 30 Sat 7:30 pm

New York
Apr 1 Mon 7:30 pm

Apr 3 Wed 7:30 pm

Apr 5 Fri 7:00 pm

Apr 7 Sun 12:00 pm

Apr 9 Tue 7:30 pm

Apr 10 Wed 8:00 pm


The Miami Heat is a much loved professional basketball team that is plays in the NBA’s Southeast Division in the Eastern Conference. This team hails from Miami, Florida. This expansion franchise team was founded in 1988. All of the home games of this team are played in American Airlines Arena, which is located in beautiful downtown Miami. The home court is located in Miami-Dade County. The current owner of the team is Mickey Arison. The current manager of the team is Pat Riley. The current head coach of the Miami Heat is Erik Spoelstra.  The team mascot is known as Bernie. Bernie is a fireball.

The Miami Heat and the Orlando Magic are the two teams in the NBA that represent the state of Florida.  The team has made it to the playoffs a staggering sixteen times out of the twenty four seasons that they have played in the NBA. The Miami Heat also has scored three Eastern Conference Championship titles along with nine division titles. According to the predications of Forbes, the Miami Heat is a team that is going to be worth a shocking six hundred twenty five million dollars.

The Miami Heat has developed fans from around the country and around the world. Chris Bosh, LeBron James, and Dwyane Wade are the big names on the team that are expected to help take the Miami Heat to victory. See every three pointer, every jump shot, and all of the talents of the Miami Heat live in action during the 2013 season. There is not a better time to head out to see the Heat compete with the other top names in the NBA. The Miami Heat is by far one of the most talented teams in the league The Heat is asking you to show your support this season by heading out to American Airlines Arena. Don the team’s color and scream until you can’t cheer anymore.

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