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New York Knicks Tickets


The New York Knickerbockers are more commonly known as the New York Knicks. This professional basketball team is one of the most loved sports teams in the world. They have spawned fans around the country and around the globe. The Knicks hail from New York, New York and are the heart and soul of the Big Apple. They play in the Atlantic Division of the Eastern Conference. The New York Knicks are proud to be one of the founding teams of the Basketball Association of America, which later formed the National Basketball Association. This team was found way back in 1946. The Knicks and the Boston Celtics are the only two teams in the entire NBA that have stayed in the same city in which they were founded.

The nickname “knickerbockers” comes from a pseudonym that Washington Irving used in one of his books. The Knicks usually have a successful season regardless of whether or not they win a title. The team is almost always in the playoffs thanks to their large amount of skill and talent. You can expect big things from the Knicks during the 2013 season. The team is asking for your support this season. Join the other screaming Knicks fans as your demonstrate my loyalty and support this year.

The team has had numerous Hall of Fame players like Patrick Ewing. It was Patrick Ewing that led the team to numerous victories during his time with the team during the nineteen nineties. The New York Knicks have been to the playoffs times, but have not captured any wins. The team is expected to be led this season by the talent of Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudemire. All of the New York Knicks’ home games since 1946 have been played in Madison Square Gardens.  Madison Square Gardens is one of the most famous basketball venues in the world. Show your support for the New York Knicks this season by heading out to Madison Square Gardens to cheer them out. Sport the team’s colors and cheer at the top of your lungs for one of the most loved sports teams in the world.

The New York Knicks is full of talented players who are ready to give it their all this season. Come see all of the action for yourself. It is time to say goodbye to the couch and hello to all of the excitement that Madison Square Gardens has to offer. Tickget can provide you with a complete NBA lineup schedule as well as great prices on tickets to see the Knicks play live. Do the Knicks have what it takes to snag an Eastern Conference victory this year? Only time will tell. You should be there for every game to ensure you do not miss a moment of the heart pumping action. See all of the talented players that make up this team play in person. It is an experience that is tough to beat. Feel the rush and buzz of the excitement that takes place at every New York Knicks game.