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Aug 10 Sat 5:00 pm

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Sep 8 Sun 12:55 pm

Sep 9 Mon 7:20 pm

Sep 15 Sun 1:05 pm

Sep 22 Sun 12:00 pm

Sep 29 Sun 1:00 pm

Oct 20 Sun 12:00 pm

Green Bay
Oct 27 Sun 12:00 pm

Nov 3 Sun 1:05 pm

Nov 7 Thu 5:20 pm

Nov 17 Sun 1:25 pm

Nov 24 Sun 1:00 pm

East Rutherford
Dec 1 Sun 12:00 pm

Kansas City
Dec 8 Sun 1:25 pm

Dec 15 Sun 1:05 pm

Dec 21

Dec 29 Sun 2:25 pm


The Oakland Raiders are a popular professional football team that is based in Oakland, California. The Raiders were founded in 1960 and were originally a part of the American Football League. The Raiders joined the NFL during the AFL-NFL merger that took place in 1970. The team plays in the Western Division of the AFC.  With fifty two years of experience underneath of their belts, the Raiders are one of the NFL's most historic teams. When going into the 2012 NFL season, the team had a playoff record consisting of 25-18 and a lifetime record of 426-351-11.

During the first few years of their existence, the team experienced quite a few bumps on their road to success. The team's luck turned around in 1963 when Al Davis was appointed as the head coach of the team. Al Davis would later become the owner and general manager of the Oakland Raiders. The Raiders did not make the playoffs for the first time until 1967. This was the only time that the Raiders won a playoff title. The team went on to lose to the Green Bay Packers in Super Bowl II.

Tickets to see the Raiders play live in action have been on the market since 1960. The team experienced the most success during the seventies where they visited the playoffs six times and won six AFC divisional titles. Their first major win occurred in 1976 against the Minnesota Vikings in Super Bowl XI. The team won Super Bowl XV against the Philadelphia Eagles. The team relocated to Los Angeles, California soon after. The Raiders took home another championship title by defeating the Washington Redskins in Super Bowl XVII.

The team moved back to Oakland after experience a drought in success. The team was only able to score one divisional championship title and two playoff visits during their last nine years in Los Angeles. In Super Bowl XXXVII, the team experienced a devastating loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Since the loss in Super Bowl XXXVII, the team has not made the playoffs or even had a winning season in ten long years.

This team is known for entertaining generations of fans throughout the years. The team has also always had a legion of fans regardless of whether or not they were having a winning season. Overall, the team has only managed to snag fifteen divisional championship titles since their inception. However, the team has had thirteen former players that have been inducted to the Professional Football Hall of Fame. There has never been a better time to come see all of the electrifying excitement that the Raiders provide in person. Tickget is the only ticket outlet that you should rely on to get you seats at the next Raiders game.

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