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Feb 22 Fri 7:00 pm

Feb 24 Sun 3:30 pm

Feb 26 Tue 7:30 pm

New York
Feb 28 Thu 7:00 pm

Mar 2 Sat 7:00 pm

Mar 3 Sun 6:00 pm

Mar 5 Tue 7:00 pm

Mar 8 Fri 7:00 pm

Mar 10 Sun 5:00 pm

Mar 13 Wed 7:00 pm

Mar 14 Thu 7:00 pm

Mar 17 Sun 6:00 pm

Mar 20 Wed 7:00 pm

Mar 22 Fri 7:00 pm

Mar 25 Mon 7:00 pm

Mar 26 Tue 7:30 pm

Mar 28 Thu 7:00 pm

Mar 30 Sat 7:00 pm

Apr 1 Mon 7:30 pm

Apr 3 Wed 7:00 pm

Apr 5 Fri 7:00 pm

Apr 7 Sun 7:30 pm

Apr 10 Wed 8:00 pm


The Orlando Magic is one of the most well loved and well known teams in the NBA. This professional basketball team hails from Orlando, Florida and plays in the Southeast Division of the Eastern Conference. This expansion franchise was founded in 1989. Many notorious NBA stars like Shaq, Steven Francis, and Dwight Howard have played on the team.  Other big names to wear the Orlando Magic jersey include Grant Hill, Penny Hardaway, and Tracy McGrady. This extraordinary team has experienced a large amount of success. In the past twenty three years, the team has been to the playoffs a total of fourteen times. Of the four expansion teams that were founded between 1988 and 1989, the Orlando Magic is one of the highest ranking teams.

The Orlando Magic is one of the most talented teams in the league. The team has been training hard all off season in hopes of making it to the playoffs this year. It is time to get up off of the couch and head on out to see the Orlando Magic play live in action. Say goodbye to the television set this season and say hello to the Orlando Magic live thanks to Tickget. Tickget can hook you up so that you can be the ultimate fan this up and coming season. Tickget provides the ultimate customer experience. Your happiness is their demand. Tickget had a comprehensive NBA lineup available for your viewing pleasure. You will never miss another Orlando Magic game again thanks to Tickget.

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The home court of the Orlando Magic is Amway Center. Join the thousands of other cheering Orlando Magic fans this season in Amway Center. Be a part of the magic that makes the Orlando Magic magical by count on Tickget to cater to all of your ticketing needs. This season could be the year that the Orlando Magic goes all the way. Do you really want to be sitting on the couch with your popcorn when you could be standing in Amway Center cheering at the top of your lungs? The choice is really yours, but the answer seems pretty obvious. Tickget can make sure that you are cheering in Amway Center. Show your support this year for the Orlando Magic. Do not delay in booking your Orlando Magic tickets with Tickget.