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San Antonio Spurs Tickets

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Dec 17 Mon 7:30 pm

San Antonio
Dec 19 Wed 7:00 pm

Dec 21 Fri 7:30 pm

San Antonio
Dec 22 Sat 7:00 pm

Dec 26 Wed 7:30 pm

San Antonio
Dec 28 Fri 7:00 pm

Dec 29 Sat 7:30 pm

Los Angeles
Dec 31 Mon 6:00 pm

San Antonio
Jan 3 Thu 7:00 pm

San Antonio
Jan 5 Sat 7:30 pm

San Antonio
Jan 7 Mon 7:00 pm

Jan 9 Wed 7:00 pm

Jan 10 Thu 8:30 pm

San Antonio
Jan 12 Sat 7:00 pm

Oklahoma City
Jan 14 Mon 7:30 pm

San Antonio
Jan 16 Wed 7:30 pm

Jan 18 Fri 7:00 pm

Jan 20 Sun 6:00 pm

San Antonio
Jan 23 Wed 8:00 pm

Jan 26 Sat 5:00 pm

New Orleans
Jan 27 Sun 6:00 pm

San Antonio
Jan 29 Tue 7:30 pm

San Antonio
Jan 31 Thu 7:30 pm

San Antonio
Feb 2 Sat 7:30 pm

San Antonio
Feb 4 Mon 7:00 pm

Feb 6 Wed 7:30 pm

Feb 7 Thu 7:00 pm

Feb 9 Sat 3:00 pm

Salt Lake City
Feb 12 Tue 7:00 pm

Feb 22 Fri 7:00 pm

Feb 24 Sun 7:30 pm

New York
Feb 25 Mon 7:30 pm

Feb 27 Wed 7:00 pm

San Antonio
Mar 2 Sat 7:30 pm

San Antonio
Mar 4 Mon 7:30 pm

San Antonio
Mar 6 Wed 7:30 pm

Mar 10 Sun 7:00 pm

San Antonio
Mar 12 Tue 7:30 pm

Mar 15 Fri 7:30 pm

San Antonio
Mar 16 Sat 7:30 pm

San Antonio
Mar 18 Mon 7:00 pm

San Antonio
Mar 20 Wed 7:30 pm

San Antonio
Mar 22 Fri 7:00 pm

Mar 24 Sun 7:30 pm

Mar 26 Tue 7:00 pm

Mar 28 Thu 7:30 pm

San Antonio
Mar 31 Sun 6:00 pm

San Antonio
Apr 2 Tue 7:30 pm

San Antonio
Apr 3 Wed 7:00 pm

Apr 5 Fri 7:00 pm

Apr 7 Sun 3:00 pm

Apr 10 Wed 7:00 pm

San Antonio

The San Antonio Spurs play in the Southwest Division of the Western conference. The Spurs proudly hail from San Antonio, Texas and play all of their home games in AT&T Center. This team has a long history that dates all the way back to the merger between the American Basketball Association and the National Basketball Association during the nineteen seventies. The San Antonio Spurs rank fourth in the NBA as the team with the most NBA Finals championship titles. In fact, the Chicago Bulls and San Antonio Spurs are the only two teams in the entire NBA to hold a perfect record in the NBA Finals. The Chicago Bulls are the only team that surpasses the San Antonio Spurs’ record. The Spurs have only missed the NBA playoffs a total of four times since their inception.

This team was originally founded in 1976 and since then the team has snagged a staggering eighteen division championship titles. Out of the last twenty two NBA seasons, the team has managed to get to the playoffs an impressive twenty one times. In head to head matches during the regular season, the San Antonio Spurs have a fantastic record. In fact, the Spurs and the Los Angeles Lakers have tied at seventy four games each.

The San Antonio Spurs are one of the most well known and followed teams in the NBA. The team has been full of talented players over the years. Big stars like Tony Parker, Tim Duncan, and Manu Ginobili are expected to help lead the team to many victories this season. The team has claimed NBA Finals championship in 1999, 2003, 2005, and in 2007. There has never been a better time to head out to AT&T Center to see the San Antonio Spurs play live in person. Tickget is the only ticket outlet that you need this NBA season. Tickget presents NBA fans with a complete list of scheduled lineups. You can easily view the hottest matchups. See the San Antonio Spurs compete against some of their biggest rivals in the NBA. View which games you are interested in attending, book tickets, and let Tickget handle the rest. Forget about the mess and stress. Let Tickget lend a helping hand in getting you to the next NBA game.

The current coach of the San Antonio Spurs is Greg Popovich. He is ready to guide his players so that the team can go all the way to the NBA Finals again this year. The Spurs are asking for your support this season. Do not waste another minute sitting on the couch in your sweatpants when you could be at AT&T Center wearing the San Antonio Spurs’ jersey. Cheer until you cannot anymore. Let Tickget transform you from a coach potato to the ultimate NBA fan. Tickget is proud to provide quality service and affordable pricing. Grab the family or your buddies and let Tickget watch your back. No flat screen TV in the world can even begin to compare to the electrifying excitement of a real live NBA game.