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San Francisco 49ers Tickets

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Aug 10 Sat 6:00 pm

Santa Clara
Aug 19 Mon 6:00 pm

Aug 24 Sat 7:00 pm

Kansas City
Aug 29 Thu 7:00 pm

Santa Clara
Sep 8 Sun 4:25 pm

Sep 15 Sun 1:00 pm

Sep 21 Sat 12:55 pm

Santa Clara
Sep 22 Sun 1:25 pm

Santa Clara
Oct 7 Mon 5:15 pm

Santa Clara
Oct 13 Sun 1:05 pm

Los Angeles
Oct 27 Sun 1:05 pm

Santa Clara
Oct 31 Thu 5:20 pm

Nov 11 Mon 5:15 pm

Santa Clara
Nov 17 Sun 1:05 pm

Santa Clara
Nov 24 Sun 1:25 pm

Santa Clara
Dec 1 Sun 1:00 pm

Dec 8 Sun 12:00 pm

New Orleans
Dec 15 Sun 1:25 pm

Santa Clara
Dec 22

Santa Clara
Dec 29 Sun 1:25 pm


The San Francisco 49ers is one of the most loved and well known teams in the entire NFL. This team hails from San Francisco, California and plays in the West division of the NFC. The San Francisco 49ers has experienced an enormous amount of success since their inception. The team was originally formed in 1946, but was not a part of the NFL until 1949. The team won five Super Bowl championship titles within fourteen years under the ownership of the York/DeBartolo families. It was under their ownership that the team skyrocketed to the top of the NFL.

There have been numerous Hall of Fame players that have played for the San Francisco 49ers over the years. The Dallas Cowboys and the San Francisco 49ers tie for the second most held Super Bowl wins. The team is also hands down the oldest professional sports team that comes from the state of California. The San Francisco 49ers has experienced their fair share of good and bad seasons over the years. One thing that has remained the same is the fact that the 49ers are known for providing an exciting performance for fans on the field.

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Tickets to see the live action that the 49ers provide have been on sale since 1950. This popular team has legions of fans that span across the nation. Candlestick Park is where all home games of the San Francisco 49ers take place. Generations of fans have flocked to this venue for years to show their support for the team. It is time for you to get off of the couch and rely on Tickget to get you to the game.

See the San Francisco 49ers come up against some of their biggest rivals and some of the toughest teams in the league. Rely on Tickget to provide you with ticket booking services as well as updated schedule information so that you do not miss a single play this season. See the 49ers strive to make it back to the Super Bowl once again. Show your support for your favorite team by heading out to Candlestick Park once you have booked tickets with Tickget. There has never been a better time to see these gridiron giants pile on the wins.  Your television cannot provide the same thrilling experience as a live game entails. Allow Tickget to introduce you to a whole new world of viewing your favorite NFL teams.