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The San Jose Sharks are a professional NHL team that plays in the Pacific Division of the Western Conference. This team hails from San Jose, California. While San Jose is not known for its icy conditions, the San Jose Sharks are a fierce team that is ready to take a bite out of the competition during the 2013 season. HP Pavilion is the home venue of the Sharks. Locals of the area refer to the arena as the Shark Tank. The Sharks are known for being a powerhouse team that racks up the wins, but unfortunately the team has never managed to win a Stanley Cup championship. That could be different this year as the team has been training hard in order to crush their competition. The team has even racked up an impressive amount of record breaking goals in the past. Only time will tell what the future will hold for this extremely competitive and talented team. The team colors of the San Jose Sharks are orange, white, teal, and black.

Doug Wilson is the current general manager of the team. Head coach of the San Jose Sharks is Todd McLellen. Captain of the team is Joe Thornton. It is with this great leadership that the San Jose Sharks are expected to pull of an enormous amount of success in the 2013. The team does not only have any Stanley Cup championships to brag about. The Sharks do not have any conference titles either, but just last year they managed to score the highest record of wins in the entire Pacific Division. The San Jose Sharks have a roster that is full of talented players this year that are ready to give everything they got to make sure that the Sharks go all the way. Fans will definitely not be left disappointed by their performance on the ice. Things might get hot enough to make the ice melt.

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There have been many Hall of Fame players and coaches associated with the San Jose Sharks such as Ed Belfour and Ivan Larionov. Hall of Fame coaches include Doug Wilson, Joe Thornton, and Todd Gill. The San Jose Sharks are ready to show you what a hockey game should be like. Come feel the electrifying excitement that can only be felt in HP Pavilion each time the San Jose Sharks compete. Why miss out when you could be a part of the jaw dropping heart pumping action? Get to Tickget today!